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RTIS Membership Services

RTIS is a unique information service for individuals and companies involved in refrigerated transport.
Membership Services Include:
  • CRT's USB Expert System
  • Online internet access to over 26000 references in our library database.
  • Weekly NewsBulletins concerning relevant information in the news and from  periodicals.

  • Free and rapid access to CRT library by email, fax, telephone, telex, post or personal visit. ( Library Telephone No +44 1223 461352)
  • Discounts for CRT services and training courses.
  • Answers to members' questions covering all aspects of the carriage and storage of perishable products.
  • Information and expertise for claims, from refrigerated equipment to refrigerated cargo.
  • Library searches; compilation of bibliographies and references; location of literature relevant to individual enquiries.
  • Unique information available from accumulated CRT technical reports.
  • Inter-library loans (world-wide library access).
  • Photocopy and abstract service from our archive of scientific periodicals.
  • Databases include FT Profiles, International Institute of Refrigeration (FRIDOC), Institute of Refrigeration, Refrigerant Database (Ferret), CA Database (CAB), UK Global Environment, ASHRAE, British Standards (BSI), Croner Hazardous Substances, Chemicals –Trade Names & Manufacturers.
  • Customer identification and location for product marketing.
  • Quarterly circulation of library accessions list includes lists of recent conference papers, articles and papers from technical journals, abstracts, new legislation, standards and patents.
  • Circulation of Newsletters and copies of relevant technical papers.

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