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Access to Databases

Not all databases held by CRT can be made directly available, online, to RTIS members for copyright reasons. Therefore, to access these members need to fax email or phone the key words.

The type of data held in each database is indicated below.

All the databases are regularly updated.

  • FRIDOC - The International Institute of Refrigeration Database contains abstracts from the IIR International meetings, conferences, and journals which cover every aspect of refrigeration and its uses.
  • DIALOG - Through DIALOG we have access to over 500 databases covering news, international news, company information, patents, chemicals, food, materials, legislation etc. etc.
  • FT Profiles - Through FT Profiles we have access to company, finance, periodical and newspaper abstracts, EU legislation etc.
  • Institute of Refrigeration - Abstracts of all papers presented at the Institute of Refrigeration Meetings. Refrigerant Database (ferret) - Complete chemical breakdown of all refrigerants.
  • CA Storage Databases - Currently three CA databases covering a wide range of commodities which can be carried under CA conditions.
  • UK Global Environment - Abstracts of papers, conferences, and meetings connected with global warming, environment issues, and legislation.
  • ASHRAE - Abstracts of papers, meetings, and conferences held by ASHRAE.


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