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USB Expert System

The CRT expert system has been successfully operating since 1999. It is now circulated on a USB stick. The stick is not available for sale on its own as it comprises part of the RTIS package.

Needless to say, every year it is updated and new features added. There are two versions available, the single user the network version.

The principle function is to provide readily available databases and manuals containing information on fresh, controlled atmosphere frozen cargo and general available at your PC.

The current version of the Expert System being circulated is now compatible with 32 and 64-bit Access in the Microsoft Office suite. If you do not have MS Access on your computer, a runtime version is provided for install.

Additional single user and network versions are available on request.

Features are listed below:
  • ICCT Minutes Search Plus Four Years of Papers
  • Database of Food Compositions
  • Database for Air Carriage Temperatures of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Database for CA of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Gas Flushing Program
  • Database for Compatibility of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Database of General Cargo
  • Database of Frozen Foodstuffs
  • Compendium of Disorders
  • Refrigerants Properties Program
  • Guidelines for the Transport of Refrigerated Foodstuffs
  • Library Index for Researching Carriage of Products
  • Container BIC Codes and Ownership
  • Troubleshooting Refrigeration Systems
  • Guide to ATP for International Road Transportation
  • ATP Agreement
  • New and Publications
  • BS and RAL Colour Guide
  • Refrigerant Utility Program
  • Database of Taints
  • Psychrometric Calculations
  • Si Unit Converter
  • Alarm Codes for Container Refrigeration Units
  • F-Gas Regulations
  • GWP / TEWI Calculator
  • Multi-Temperature, Multi-Compartment Heat Leak Calculator
  • Selection of ICCT Papers
  • Guidelines for CA / MA Carriage
  • Refrigerated Container Energy Consumption Spreadsheet
  • Guidelines for the Carriage of General Cargo
  • Guidelines for the Carriage of Frozen Cargo
  • Technical Papers
  • Dictionary of Fruit and Vegetable Names

RTIS USB Expert System


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