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World Cargo News – April 99

  • Over regulating the chassis business? Proposed revisions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations would mandate joint responsibility for container chassis condition between the trucker and the steamship line, railroad or leasing company providing them. Are these changes justified or necessary?
  • Swap body solutions start to stack up – a new racking system that allows all types of loaded swap bodies to be stacked and to be shipped as mixed loads with containers could lead to a rapid increase in the transport of swap bodies by ship or barge.
  • Containerships under the insurers’ spotlight – in view of a number of spectacular and very costly accidents in the recent past, containerships are coming under increasing scrutiny.
  • Striving to live with depressed rates – revenues for tank leasing companies in 1998 were down for one simple reason – competitive pressure. They are likely to remain depressed for some time for that very same reason.

Cargo Systems – April 99

  • The only good container … is a container that is making money for its owner. For the box leasing industry, a perennial thorny question is when, where and how to sell old and damaged units.
  • The taint of liability – a consignment of foodstuff is stowed in a container by the carrier for carriage at sea. The goods are being shipped LCL and a clean bill of lading is issued to cover the transport. At delivery the goods are found to be damaged by taint – is the carrier liable or the shipper?

Eurofruit – April 99

  • ENZA looks for gains in Europe.
  • Sheerness pauses for breath after expansion.
  • Weather proves challenge for Chilean growers.
  • Bright outlook for Australian citrus but more mixed for grapes.


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