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USB Expert System Screen Shots

The USB Expert System is a front end for the RTIS information service.
The Expert System is not sold as a separate item.

The USB card is packed with information essential for anyone involved in the transportation of foodstuffs.

Some of the features are listed below:

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RTIS USB Expert System - Switchboard

  • Guidelines for the transportation of refrigerated food stuffs
  • Controlled Atmosphere database (103 records)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Disorder Database (183 records)
  • Fruit Dictionary (898 records)
  • Frozen Cargo Database (171 records)
  • Searchable Library Index and ordering system for those researching the carriage of products (26732 records)
  • Guidelines for carriage temperatures of fruit and vegetables (299 records)
  • Guidelines for the carriage of general cargoes - alabaster to zinc, cars to carpets (526 records)
  • Compatibility chart of fruit and vegetables - calculates possible taint, temperature and ethylene problems
  • Container codes of ownership and check-digit calculator
  • Guide to ATP for International Road Transportation
  • Tour of CRT expertise and facilities
  • Refrigerants index with properties and performance graphs
  • Psychrometric calculations system
  • Selected technical papers
  • Lots lots more...


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