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Integral Refrigerated Container Testing

Since inception of the container concept, in the mid 1960ís, CRT has been testing the performance of marine refrigerated units fitted to insulated containers in our environmental chambers.

Testing is carried out principally to shipping company specifications but also to ISO 1496 and ATP requirements.

The CRT environmental chambers and test facilities are specially adapted for the testing of refrigerated sea containers to ensure accurate and reproducible test results.

They include a 60Hz 440Vgenerator to simulate ships power, custom airflow plenum boxes for accurate evaporator airflow measurement, micro airflow rig to BS848 for measuring fresh air and a specially adapted air distribution temperature measurement system using pt100 sensors for the delivery air.

Tests carried out:

  • Thermal testing at various mean wall temperatures
  • Refrigeration capacity
  • Energy consumption
  • Evaporator airflow testing
  • Fresh air volume
  • Temperature control, distribution and mapping
  • Noise
  • PTI performance
  • Air leakage
  • Defrosting
  • Data downloading
  • Equipment ageing


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