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ICCT - Group Members

For the first time a number of leading organisations have teamed up to form a group to look at the effectiveness and efficiency of the international cold chain against a background of increasing performance demands and decreasing levels of financial return.

This group is called International Cold Chain Technology and members include:

  • Harmsen & de Groot BV
  • BMT Murray Fenton
  • International Surveyors & Adjusters
  • Krenco
  • Africa Express Line Ltd
  • Prolong Systems Inc
  • Agrichain Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
  • C F Spencer
  • Cold Storage & Distribution Federation
  • Seden Clarke
  • CWA International
  • Dr Anna Snowdon at Cambridge
  • Geest Bananas Ltd
  • Trili Magu Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Hamburg Sudamerikanishe Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG
  • British Shipping


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