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Controlled Atmosphere Course

An example course is outlined below.

A one day course giving a comprehensive survey of the principles of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) applied to storage and transportation.

Specific product requirements, application of the technology to transportation, and instrumentation for measuring and monitoring cargoes is included.

The course programme is as follows:

  1. Basic Cargo Care Principles
  2. CA Principles
  3. CA Refrigerated Land Stores
  4. CA Systems and Containers
  5. Reefer Ship Operation
  6. CA in a Reefer Ship
  7. ICCT Recommendations regarding Carriage Instructions for Refrigerated Cargoes
  8. MA Packaging Systems
  9. Questions

Lunch and refreshments are supplied along with manuals and full technical information.

A certificate of attendance can also be supplied.

We have accreditation from the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.


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