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Thermocouple Wire

Low cost type "T" compensated thermocouple wire, ideal for monitoring fruit cargo temperatures in containers ships and stores. 

As supplied to shipping companies and ENZA New Zealand by CRT. 

Sufficiently inexpensive to be disposable.

Temperature can be measured using a standard type "T" thermocouple meter or data logger. Termination ends can be connected to standard terminators or twisted together and sealed to form junction.

Specification: Cable is specially manufactured for CRT by AEI cables is produced to ISO standard BSEN 60584-1 1996. Thermocouple wire type "T" thermocouple wire. Dissimilar metals copper/ contantan, temperature range -200 to +400C. Wire diameter 0.22mm2 conductors Insulation PVC colour white/blue cable Length 1000m.

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