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Vibration Testing

CRT has test systems for small and medium sized objects by LDS and UD. The control system is a pc based USB LDS multi channel controller.

Vibration testing is performed for a variety of reasons: to determine if a product or item can withstand the stress of its intended use and environment it will operate within; or even to determine if it is possible to ship the item and it will not fall apart or fail to function normally on delivery.

Another typical use is searching for harmonic resonance points which could lead to premature failure.

In the photograph on the right, the LDS system is shown testing a recorder to EN 12830.

Environmental Stress Screening by vibration is also used to find production defects and accelerated stress testing is used to improve the reliability of instrumentation, control systems and related mechanical hardware.

The UD system shown has a 6" displacement making is particularly good for low frequency and shock testing.

In the photograph on the right, the UD  system is shown testing an LED light array.


Our electrodynamic vibration systems are capable of performing three basic tests broadly characterized as, sine, random and shock.

Vibration tests are usually carried out in one of three planes at a time known as x  y and z. Some examples are given below:

Sine Sweep 8.6 Hz - 150Hz @ 3g

Shock Half sine 10ms @10g


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