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Chassis Dynamometer - Rolling  Road

The CRT rolling road is a conventional twin drum eddy current chassis dynamometer, capable of testing front or rear wheel drive vehicles to at least 300hp. The dynamometer is installed in a pit in the CRT No.1 environmental test chamber and therefore the vehicle is at normal inclination and level.

The dyno can be used for energy consumption and temperature profiles for refrigerated trucks and vans with electric or traction engine driven refrigeration systems and as it is situated in an environmental chamber, a variety of conditions can be simulated, e.g. stop start with door openings for pharmaceuticals or home delivery etc.

Chassis Dynamometer Specification

Chassis rolling road dynamometer type: Sun two wheel
Control system: computer controlled
Power absorber: Eddy current air-cooled brake
Cooling system: Inverter driven close coupled fan
Max distance between wheels external: 2.35m
Min distance between wheels internal: 1.15m
Vehicle weight: 500 – 3500kg
Max speed: 150mph
Max input power: 300 bhp
Roller number: 4
Roller diameter: 0.5m
Roller width: 0.6m
Roller coating: Epoxy resin 1-3mm grit
Max distance behind rollers: 4 m
Max distance in front of rollers: 5 m
5 Gas Analyser O2 / CO2 / CO / HC / NOX


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