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Thermo Graphic Studies

Infrared Thermography is a detection procedure using a special camera that converts heat energy invisible to the naked eye into a visible picture.

IR cameras provide a non-contact means to study the thermal properties of components while under mechanical and/or electrical load.

For the maintenance and insurance purposes, this means the thermal characteristics of electrical components, pumps, and motors insulated structures can be viewed while the item is under load with no disruption to the process.

The inspection shows any areas of weakness as in loose connections, overloads, phase imbalances etc.

Refrigerated storage needs large amounts of energy to maintain the low temperatures required.

Don't spend any more than necessary, use thermography to detect faulty insulation without any disruption to operations or damage to the building fabric.

Similarly, the R&D engineer is able to benefit from of studying the thermal characteristics of a target under the intended operating conditions either on site, or in a CRT test chamber where defects and premature failures can be more easily detected.

Thermal surveys offered by CRT include electrical switch boards, insulated enclosures, refrigeration machinery and industrial equipment.


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