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CRT works for and has worked for shipping companies, charterers, P&I clubs and insurers as expert witnesses.

Here are some of our more recent assignments:
  • Apportionment of cause of damage to cargo.
  • Analysis of reefer plant records.
  • Analysis and explanation for cargo loss.
  • Measurements of cargo hold air circulation rates.
  • Examination and rectification of refrigeration systems after sudden loss of charge resulting in litigation.
  • Cause of failures of reefer plant.
  • Computer temperature simulations of cargo.
  • Damage to frozen fish
  • Ethylene damage to kiwi fruit
  • Rots in cargoes of oranges
  • Severe damage to cargo of potatoes
  • Storm damage to kiwi fruit
  • Premature ripening of bananas
  • Green ripe bananas
  • Inherent cargo vice
  • Taint of cargoes


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