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Controlled Atmosphere

It is generally accepted by the industry that, as a supplement to refrigeration, Controlled Atmosphere can, if properly used, considerably increase the storage life of certain fruit and vegetable cargoes.

As well as prolonging life, CA also improves the firmness, texture, crispness and appearance of some fruits. It further opens possibilities for the product to be harvested under partially and fully ripe conditions.

Fruit and vegetables are actually alive, their cells are metabolising, consuming oxygen and carbohydrate and producing water vapour and carbon dioxide. Also small amounts of ethylene gas are produced. Therefore for successful CA these are chemical compounds that must be controlled.

CRT has been involved with shippers and equipment manufacturers for many years. This includes the technical aspects of equipment and the outturn quality of shipments. We have detailed knowledge of ventilation rates and effective gas concentrations for controlled atmosphere shipments.

Please contact CRT to discuss your application.

Controlled Atmosphere Manual and Database

One of the problems of using controlled atmosphere is its complexity and knowing what gas concentrations to use.

CRT has produced a detailed manual and have a product database compiled in association with the University of California at Davis which lists optimum conditions.

CA is applied to storage environments in land-based stores, refrigerated ships and containers.


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