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Staff at CRT have acted as expert witnesses both in court and under arbitration for a wide range of alleged and actual damage to perishable commodities and are able to give confidential expert assistance to: Shipping Companies, Shippers and Consignees, P & I Clubs, Solicitors and Surveyors.

  • Chilled, frozen and perishable cargo losses in refrigerated containers, land stores, vehicles and reefer ships.
  • Analysis of temperature records.
  • Interpretation of incomplete and contradictory carriage records and reports.
  • Interpretation of the sources and effects of inappropriate levels of humidity, carbon dioxide and ethylene in holds and containers.
  • Identification of cargo inherent vice.
  • Identification of the source or causes contamination and odours.
  • Air circulation and ventilation problems.
  • Identification equipment failure, malfunctions, and abuse.
  • Computer analysis and simulation of cargo using finite element software.
  • Calculation and estimation of cargo temperature changes following refrigeration malfunction, power failure and severe conditions.
  • Identification of equipment failure, malfunctions, and abuse.
  • Identification of operational deficiencies that lead to losses.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of commodities, vehicles, refrigerated ships, containers and refrigeration systems enable us to identify the probable cause of problems that the involved parties dispute.

Our engineers and surveyors will also attend ships, cargo discharges, container load outs and outturns as part of investigations or to identify areas where improvements in techniques can reduce wastage.

CRT will undertake claim assessments for all types of perishable cargoes carried under controlled temperature, modified or controlled atmosphere, and ventilated cargoes. We may also be consulted about condensation problems in canned, packaged and powder cargoes.


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