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ICCT - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To achieve effective coordination of technical developments within the environment in order to ensure consistent and cost effective management of temperature sensitive cargo.


  • To guide market developments in order to encourage greater coordination of goals and harmonisation of development timescales through a process of education and awareness.
  • To coordinate the application of existing standards and codes of practice and define best safe practice.
  • To advance technical ideas which will give input to the design construction and installation of equipment and in turn develop coordinated performance criteria.
  • To increase awareness of effective environmental measures.
  • ICCT aims to meet three times a year and to maintain communications in general.

ICCT Points of Reference

  1. To identify each component in the cold chain from harvest to retail sale.
  2. Identify/determine future trends within each component sector of the cold chain.
  3. Through analysis determine the initial technical factors which are common to a range of sectors and which, if co-ordinated, would enable improvements to be identified and for new technology to be trialled across sectors in a comprehensive manner.
  4. Identify barriers (technical, legislative, commercial or environmental) which prevent the successful co-ordination of the cold chain.
  5. Identify and promote best safe practice position assuming that within reason barriers could be removed or their impact restricted.
  6. Identify of arguments that could be exploited in order to influence relevant national or international authorities with the objective of tackling the barrier identified.
  7. Identify and summarise all significant international research in areas relevant to ICCT and if appropriate commission further research. The results of this work should be communicated widely within ICCT.
  8. For ICCT to achieve, its potential members must be prepared to take on the identity of ICCT and where possible and appropriate suspend corporate standpoints.


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