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Calibration and Verification of Temperature Recorders and Thermometers BS EN 12830 and BS EN 13486

Recording of temperatures throughout the cold chain is a regulatory requirement for many transported products for example QFF frozen foodstuffs.

Recent revision to ATP requires temperature recorders to be tested to EN12830 and for periodic verification EN 13486.

In the UK and Eire CRT is the designated test station approved by the Department for Transport, for certifying equipment in accordance to ATP and can therefore certify such equipment acceptable to all ATP contracting parties.
Requirements of EN 12830 2018:

The recorder shall be subjected to the tests listed in Table 5 of EN12830, reproduced below.

Table 5 - Tests and Applications

Tests  Storage  Transport  Subclause 
Determination of temperature measurement error + + 6.3
Determination of response time + + 6.4
Determination of time recording error + + 6.5
Variation in supply, voltage * + + 6.6.2
Dielectric strength * + + 6.6.9
lnfluence of ambient temperature + + 6.6.3
Temperature testing for the recorder under storage and transport conditions + + 6.6.4
Shock resistance + + 6.6.5
Mechanical vibrations + + 6.6.6
Degrees of protection provided by enclosure + + 6.6.7
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)** + + 6.7
Software test + + 6.7

* if applicable
** The recorder shall conform with the requirements of EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3 or any other specific standard when applicable.

Requirements of EN 13486

Acceptance comprises comparing the results of measurements and calculating errors to verify that compliance to the relevant specification of limit of permissible errors ( at least class2 of EN 12830 and En 13484).

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