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Frequently Asked ATP Questions

Q - Do I need an ATP certificate to operate a refrigerated vehicle in the UK?
A - ATP is not required within the UK, only when crossing international borders. The vehicle should have an ATP plate attached or the driver in possession of the original ATP certificate and appropriate distinguishing marks.

Q - My refrigerated vehicle will not reach the set temperature?
A - If you purchase a vehicle with an ATP certificate, then you will be assured that the components have been tested and adequately sized. If it has an ATP certificate and still will not reach temperature the machinery may need servicing.

Q - Do I need an ATP certificate for carrying fruit?
A - An ATP certificate is not required for fruit or vegetables (unless processed) or live produce such as live fish or lobster.

Q - How long does an ATP certificate last for?
A - A certificate lasts for six years but can be renewed for a further three years upon passing an in service re-certification test.

Q - My vehicle does not have a certificate how do I get one?
A - Apply to CRT for a re-certification test, an application form is appended to the Guide to ATP. However, If the vehicle is a few years old and it has never been certificated it is probably not worth attempting to get a certificate. 

Q - How long does the test take and where can it be done?
A - The test takes up to six hours and can be done in Cambridge or at an external site for an additional fee (see the Guide to ATP).

Q - Do I need a FRC for carrying chilled goods?
A - No, not necessarily. FRC is for frozen and chilled goods require FNA .

Q - If I apply for a re-certification test what will you check for?
A - Check the Guide to ATP, for inspection procedures and pricing.

Q - Do I need to get my recorder tested and calibrated?
A - If you are carrying QFF frozen goods the recorder needs to be certified to EN12830 and calibrated annually.

Q - Who supplies the lettering (distinguishing marks) that is affixed to the insulated body?
A - CRT can supply the lettering for a fee , prices can be found in the guide to ATP. CRT do not affix the lettering.

Q - How much does is cost for an ATP certificate?
A - The price list can be found in the guide to ATP.


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