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Due to the nature of our business, there are various discounts available, postage options etc.
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The following courses are coming up:

Course Description Date Price inc VAT Quantity  
Cargo Surveyors/Claims Management Course The course covers the latest developments in reefer container and reefer ship technology and key aspects of cargo care. The course is designed for surveyors, claims managers, reefer cargo personnel and carriers of temperature sensitive cargo. A technical background is not needed. TBA 550
Understanding Reefer Container The course is for people who are involved in the reefer business on a day-to-day basis but have no technical knowledge. It aims to give participants a good understanding of integral containers so that they feel comfortable discussing the reefer business and its issues. TBA 550
Specialised Reefer Ships This intensive one-day course is designed for users of refrigerated ships and containers. Participants will be given a good insight into the operation of a reefer ship, reefer technology, logistics, cargo care, packaging and handling. TBA 550
Controlled Atmosphere This course presents a survey of the principles of Controlled Atmosphere applied to storage and transportation. The course covers details of the requirements of specific products, the application of transportation technology, the instrumentation needed and the cargo monitoring process. TBA 550
Data Logging This course will assist surveyors, agents and carriers of perishable products to understand the variety of data logging systems currently available. This course includes integral machine downloads and their temperature records, remote monitoring, USDA temperature monitoring and customer loggers (Temptale, Ryan, Cox, Tiny Tag). Participants will be given an in depth knowledge of systems and hands on experience. TBA 550


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