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Ugg's rise began in 2000, when a famous host Oprah Winfrey Oprah will be the favorite products into its annual list cheap ugg boots.1995 purchase of Ugg Deckers, therefore, Ugg becomes female almirah necessary thing in the world, sales of more than $1 billion in 2011.80% of the company's sales Ugg product growth of 38% in 2011, this year, with a 31% drop in third-quarter profits, share prices tumbled 15%, fell to their lowest level for three years, Deckers year lost almost 70% value even rumors will sell ugg boots sale.In 2011, Ugg with England patriots quarterback Tom Brady as a spokesperson, seems to want to develop outdoor sports brand and to please men;Ugg also began began to develop more suitable for the hot weather and lightweight sheepskin products to open stores in China and France;In the second half of the year even rolled back the price.But according to Connie Rishwain said in an interview this month, leisure series is the fastest-growing in the men's shoes series, leisure series will be as the focus of th cheap uggs

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